Thursday, 30 July 2015


Sorry folks! It's been a little while since I shared what I've been up to here.

I've been keeping very busy at the shop and finishing off my bachelor of music degree so I haven't had as much time for videos and the like. I've chucked in all my recent videos below.

The one piece of very exciting news I have is that I've officially gone nuts and ordered a PRS Private Stock guitar with one of the other guys at the shop. I'm getting a McCarty in Tiger Eye finish with quilt top and flame maple neck upgrades - he's going for a McCarty Singlecut in McCarty Glow Burst, also with quilt top upgrade. They're going to be wild, and I, will never have any savings ever... such is the curse of the gear nerd.... Look out for lots of worshipping at the alter of PRS in about 6 months time!

                                     Earthquaker Devices Dunes Overdrive Pedal

Digitech Obscura Delay Pedal

Deftones - My Own Summer (Guitar Cover)

Deftones - Diamond Eyes (Guitar Cover)

Deftones - Rocket Skates (Guitar Cover)

Earthquaker Devices Organiser Pedal 

Rode - New VideoMic Pro

Kemper Delay, Mod and Reverb Effects Demo

TC Electronic Helix Phaser Demo

Digitech Mosaic 12-String Effect Pedal Demo

Kemper - How The Profiling Process Works Demo

Clinch FX EP-Pre Echoplex Preamp Pedal Demo

Monday, 6 July 2015

First Live Music Videos with the Sony A7s!

Finally got the chance to give my new Sony A7s with Zeiss 16-35mm lens a go at shooting a dark show, one of the primary purposes I bought it for. Small shows like this have always been difficult because of the necessary ISO setting and the noise it brings. All of the Dangers footage was shot at 10,000 ISO and the Bare Bones footage at 8,000 ISO... I can't believe how little noise I got, it's amazing.

The other surprising positive of this test was that I actually forgot my Rode camera mic, and had to use the internal audio. I was bummed about this throughout the show, thinking it would sound horrible and wouldn't be worth using. I turned the gain right down to 1, which seemed to just spare me from any clipping, and I actually ended up with a surprisingly pleasant result! I used a very light amount of EQ and limiting in Ozone 6 during post but that's it.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Darkglass Microtubes B3K and B7K Bass Pedals

I've been reading lots of great things about these pedals over the past year or so, especially from the likes of now highly prolific players such as Nolly (Periphery). I even got the chance to briefly meet the guys from Darkglass at the Winter NAMM show this year, so I took the opportunity to see if we could order some of their pedals for our shop. Fast forward 6 months or so and here we are, they're here!

I'll demo all of their pedals, but here's the first couple of videos focussing on the most popular models, the Microtubes B3K & B7K. Personally, as a songwriter and guitarist, I only really play bass when I'm trying to write parts for a song - usually on a cheap but effective Spector Performer series 5-string I have at home. So, for me - the B7K is the most appealing because it can function well in two ways, on a board in front of an amp AND as a direct recording tool for studio use.

There's nothing wrong with recording a bass direct via a DI box, usually you get a good acceptable result and not much can wrong there. The B7K gives you an affordable compact way to stick with the convenience of recording direct, but gives you the basic controls most players would rather have than not. The EQ is very useful, offering low, mid, high-mid and high controls. The overdrive is what Darkglass are really known for, an excellent range of saturation and no big negative impact on your clarity.

Australians, check out the range and please support me in being able to explore new brands, and make videos as much as possible by purchasing from Guitar Factory -

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Teletronix Mulholland Drive Mk3 Demo

I've been anxious to get my hands on this one just to experience it. This Australian-made overdrive has proven quite popular for years now as a boutique drive pedal. The controls are laid out like a Klon, not sure if that's the intention or a coincidence. It's got a great british style distortion, with a very useful treble control for adding a real searing "cut" to your tone, highlighting the harmonics.

TC Electronic Viscous Vibe Pedal Demo

This is a killer new pedal from TC, part of their Toneprint range of small format pedals. The Viscous Vibe is mostly a vibrato pedal, but it has a switch to make it more like a chorus too.

I thought this was honestly great, I'm a bit of a pedal snob when it comes to the big mass manufacturers like Boss, Digitech and TC and some of the other Toneprint series don't set my world on fire, but I can honestly say this was really easy to get a great sound out of and I would totally add it to my board for the asking price.

Kemper Profiler Videos - Round 1

I've put this off for a long time, because I still don't really know how to tackle the Kemper in a video, there's just too much going on. I've decided to do a few, trying not to overthink it or worry about making the "ultimate" Kemper video.

Here's the first few - focussing on 8-string 5150 style tones, acoustic profiles with a piezo equipped guitar and then a bass factory rigs video.

I'll try to think of more and make a couple at a time, feel free to send me requests!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Earthquaker Devices - Levitation Reverb Pedal Demo

I've really started following this brand properly this year since I got them coming into our shop. I'd always seen them around, they get a lot of buzz on the net and their visual designs are quite striking. Since being able to try quite a few of them, I'm now eager to get my hands on anything new they come out with and this one just arrived.

This one is simple, no crazy tricks to it - just a nice versatile classic sounding reverb.

Plugged in-front of my Boogie Mark IV and recorded with an SM57 on my Marshall 1960TV - into an Apogee Ensemble. The pedal cam comes in and out because I stuffed up the frame rates or something between the two cams and they weren't syncing properly - but don't worry, I've made it so you can see settings change.