Saturday, 17 January 2015

Earthquaker Devices Pedal Demos - Part 1 of hopefully many...

I just orchestrated the arrival of this wonderful brand (made in Akron, Ohio U.S.A) at the shop and while I haven't had a chance to properly sample even a fraction of the range, here are my first two videos (basically just me filming my first interactions with them, you won't find any scripted demos here...). I had a Grand Orbiter V3 demo but I discovered the camera on the pedal stopped filming half way so I'll have to revisit that one.

I'm heading to NAMM this week to overload on gear excitement. I'll be touring the Schecter U.S.A Custom Shop and hopefully visiting the lovely folks at AEA Ribbon Microphones too! I'll try to post some photos up here as I go along but if I don't manage to, it'll all be up as soon as I get back.

Hoof - Fuzz

Disaster Transport Jr - Analog-voiced Digital Delay

Monday, 22 December 2014

Hmm.... Upgrades

Hmm... Upgrades.

This week I did a little modifying on my beloved ESP 6 string workhorses. Both went from the standard "self locking" Gotoh tuners (which I despise) to the lovely, MUCH easier and faster to work with Gotoh MGT traditional locking tuners. 

Secondly, I finally got my hands on some Bare Knuckle Pickups Black Hawks to go into my Horizon NT-2 in place of the stock Seymour Duncan set (which wasn't even bad, I've just heard a lot of good things about the Black Hawks and my curiosity would never have let it go. Only quickly tested them but I definitely like the direction they've moved the sound in. Can't wait to extensively get used to them.

To get the Gotoh tuners for yourself, try Australian Luthier Suppliers or G-Jax 

To get any Bare Knuckle Pickups, hit me up at Guitar Factory Parramatta. We keep a good range in stock and anything else can be made to order at a competitive price.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

TC Electronic - T2 & Alter Ego 2 Demo Videos

T2 (Trinity) Reverb

Alter Ego 2 Delay

Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt

Today marks my first day without my beloved Symphony I/O and the first with my new Ensemble Thunderbolt. I regard this as a step down, but not in quality - only I/O needs. I originally purchased the Symphony because I knew I wanted the sheer quality of that conversion but I also wanted eight of their super clean mic preamps. At the time the original Ensemble was on the way out and only had four, so if this new one had been out that would have been perfect for me.

I made the decision to sell the Symphony to someone who would make proper use of it and I just grabbed the first Ensemble Thunderbolt to hit Australia. It's a super sleek, and having everything crammed into 1U is nothing short of amazing. The OLED screen is amazing, very similar to the ones on the Quartet and Duet models. I can't wait to try the guitar reamp outputs, I'll report back soon regarding those as I have been critical of various external boxes that do this in the past.

Monday, 1 December 2014

RĂ˜DE Microphones NT1 Demo - Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Here's two short and sweet videos showcasing the potential of Rode's fairly recent update to their much beloved NT1-A cardioid large diaphragm condenser microphone. I used one with just the standard ring mount, then my Rycote USM mount in the electric video. It is available as a kit with their own newly designed shock mount that features Rycote Lyre technology plus a neat integrated pop shield.



Monday, 24 November 2014

Mesa/Boogie Mark Five: 25 Demo

Got my hands on one of these to do a video with. Doesn't really do it justice (but do videos ever really do justice compared to standing in the room having your head blasted off?), but gives you a little insight. I think it's one of the best creations of recent years, really hits the mark in terms of what I've experienced customers and myself looking for.

25 watts is a good power level for a well designed tube amp, it's loud enough and has enough dynamic headroom to gig with or use at low level to rehearse with. The Mark Five: 25 is clearly geared for versatility with features like headphone output and CabClone DI output for the silent rehearsing/recording musician such as myself.

It also gives you access to true Mark Five tone and versatility at a price point that sits way under the flagship model, and in these times that goes a long way.

Check it out and feel free to comment if you want to ask me anything about it.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Absent Hours - Money Power Glory (Lana Del Ray Cover)

I did all the video work on this cover, check it out. Interested in doing more stuff like this.

I used mostly my 6D on a monopod, with some shots from a GoPro Hero 3 Silver and a 650D on a tripod.